Returning from vacation

is hard.  Especially when said vacation was 10 days in Kauai.  And you come home to a house without heat. With a cold. sigh. 


We did have a wonderful time though. I did a few sketches with my watercolors while I was there. It was fun to get them out and work with them.  My daughter had her sketchbook along too, her goal was to come up with some ideas for her ceramics class at school.  She was infatuated with the birds so I’m hoping to see many many ceramic birds!


             DSCF3414          DSCF3413          DSCF3415


DSC01980One of the art-related highlights of the trip was the chance to visit Hanapepe during their Friday night Art Walk.  Imagine the main street of a tiny little town, lit up with twinkling lights, live music playing and a dozen (more?) art galleries open. It was wonderful!

There was a lot of oils, acrylics and watercolors. Jewelers, pottery, ceramics. Giclees galore (but more on that later). Even amazing miniature models of tree houses made from driftwood.  But not a single printmaker. I was surprised. 


Of course this means that I should move to Kauai immediately and set up shop.

Comment 1

  1. Amanda March 1, 2011

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday. The temperature has dropped a lot here the last couple of days. It is only 6 degrees at the moment and that´s pretty cold for Valencia. I love the beach scene. Keep painting. bye for now.

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