Another Giclee rant

Hawaii 2011 016aand it probably won’t be the last. 

As I mentioned, in Hanapepe we saw a lot of giclee prints.  I really don’t mind them under the right circumstances. We met the artist Robin McCoy and her work was lovely, and expensive. But she offered reasonably priced giclee prints of her work along with cards – which she generously gave to both my daughter and I.


What drove me crazy this time though was this little sign that I saw on various giclees. Are you kidding me?  A remarque giclee is a copy of a painting where the artist goes in a “touches up” the work with a bit more paint or gold leaf or whatever


What a load of crap.  Here is another definition that is equally full of crap. 


Can I get the artist to add me to their painting?  or sketch in a unicorn ‘cause I really like unicorns.  Like this, The Forest by Paul Cezanne with a unicorn!  Perfection!  I know he wouldn’t mind.



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