I love coffee

blog 001No, I adore coffee.  I like strong coffee first thing in the morning.  A nice cup once the kids are home from school and some evenings, a coffee after dinner.  One of the things I love about visiting my brother is that coffee is always on, there is always time to sit and enjoy a cup and he understands keeping leftover coffee in the fridge to make iced coffee.  We had such a nice time in Hawaii with he and his family.


I’ve never liked flavored coffee though as I find that it almost always gives me an upset stomach.  Occasionally I’ll have a vanilla latte but I always have to ask them to go really easy on the vanilla.  This article over on design*sponge really hit home.  I’m guessing that it is the propylene glycol that upsets my stomach.  Anything that is used in everything from foods to moisturizers to anti-freeze is probably not going to be good for you.


The article gives measurements for making your own, naturally flavored coffees. She doesn’t list pumpkin spice but I’m guessing the spice mix I already have in the cupboard might just work.

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  1. Barb March 5, 2011

    Good to hear that Paul is carrying on the Rogal household tradition of always having a pot of coffee on the go. Personally, I loooove my nespresso machine – not just because George Clooney is their ‘star’ spokesman but because I can turn it on and have a delicious espresso in minutes. And I’m lucky that just down the road is Jamie Oliver’s shop, Recipease. They make the most, absolutely most delicious cappucino! And I admit to loving Starbuck’s Via – the best instant coffee…I really don’t understand why other Canadians rave about Tim Horton’s coffee. I guess I left Canada before Tims became ‘the’ place to go…I just don’t get it. xoxo

    • dawnrogal March 6, 2011

      oh I love Via – it is so handy! My friend Sophie makes a banana, peanut butter, ice, milk and Via smoothie in the morning – I’ve not tried it but it sounds yummy. I think Tim’s is just always the same, something you can depend on but I like my coffee alot stronger than they serve it.

  2. amanda March 6, 2011

    Dawn it´s me again but you can´t love coffee more than I do. My photo on MSN LIVE is of me…Yes ..drinking coffee. Here in Spanish villages these fancy smoothies are not the thing, lucky for for if not I would put on all those kilos I have lost. As my students know I´m mad about coffee they bought me a Dulce Gusto Machine.
    I am happy I have discovered you blog. Bye for now.

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