birds Everywhere


Birds are everywhere these days in the world of craft and I couldn’t be happier.  I love them and there are so many amazing artists.  Some of my favorite artists:


Abigail Patner Glassenberg of While She Naps has just come out with a wonderful book, The Artful Bird. The patterns and instructions are great but mostly, it is just awe inspiring to see how she mixes fabrics to maker her birds little pieces of art. And she is generously running a series of tutorials on her blog about constructing soft toys.


K over at Fog and Swell makes amazing Northwest birds out of fabrics as well as awesome sea creatures – as you can imagine I love her work.  In fact I’m in love with her barnacles and I know hand-sewn barnacles (remember the 36 I sewed for my plush piling last summer?).  I just found out that she was accepted into Plush You! this year, I can hardly wait to see her work in person.


004One of my favorite quilters and digital artists is Andrea Zuill and her birds in particular make me smile every time.  Look for her hilarious post about bird teeth and be sure to visit her etsy shop for some great art.  Yeah, I’m a big fan.


I’m still stitching owls, this time with feet (not my feet, I stitch with my fingers, the owls have feet).  These are for the show that my friend Leslie and I are putting together.  She did an amazing woodcut of an owl (just whipped it up one afternoon – she is a printing machine!) and we thought it would be fun to put my owls with it.  Her print is quite large so my owls are quite tiny. 


I’ve also got plans for a cardinal and a flamingo from found fabrics.  And another crow.  I’m trying not to be a bird person but with so much inspiration around me, it’s hard not to be!


p.s.  The “bird” in the photo above was at my feeder this morning.

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