tissue paper flowers–a tutorial


I never write tutorials. I start to worry that my instructions will either be so anal that it will take pages and pages to explain something or so vague as to be worthless.  Today though I’ve been making the cutest tissue paper flowers (yes, I’m still thinking about this book and the tissue paper tray project).

The impetus for the project is the need to make centerpieces for tables at my son’s elementary school “Dinner Theater” fundraiser. The PTA cleverly combines the annual talent show with a spaghetti dinner for a fancy but very inexpensive night out for everyone.  Last year I made small bouquets of fresh flowers in thrifted vases.  Let’s just say it was a lot of work and money for an “okay” result.  I thought, paper flowers! The dollar store came through and a project was born.  For twelve gorgeous centerpieces my costs will be less than $10 plus a few hours of my time.


so here we go…

Dawn’s Super Simple Tissue Paper Flowers


  • tissue paper in desired colors
  • floral cloth wire stems, 18-guage, 18-inch
  • scissors

These instructions make 8-inch blooms on 12-inch stems.  To vary size, vary the length and width of your tissue.  Make hanging flowers by tying them with string leaving a long end.

  1. Choose two sheets of tissue.  Lay it flat, one on top of the other.
  2. Beginning at one end, accordion fold the tissue.  Your folds should be less than one inch wide and as consistent as possible.
  3. Cut this in half.
  4. Merge the two folded pieces together by lining them up and tapping them together. 

004  007  008


5.   Cut the ends of the paper, points and rounded ends both look nice.

6.   Squish the middle of the paper. Wrap a floral wire around it and twist it onto itself.

7.   Open up the flower, spreading it as much as possible. Start separating the layers of tissue, be firm with it.  Show it who’s boss.


011  012  015


8.  Fuss with the layers of tissue, squishing them upwards from the stem.  That’s it!

9.  Make more.  Make enough to fill every vase in your house!


                              016   018

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