a little dog portrait

After finishing my crow yesterday I totally gave up stitching. I was so done


Long enough to have dinner at least.  Then I cruised through a couple of my favorite stitching blogs and fell in love with stitching all over again. How can you resist this, or this? I thought I’d try something new.  Something simple. Something 2D.  I should have also said, something not black but…



003I cut out this simple little shape from felt, then picked a piece of cotton from my stash of fabrics.  It’s a little hard to see but using my metallic threads from Sublime Stitching and a piece of masking tape, I stitched stripes on the background for a little pop.


It worked up so fast and was so satisfying.  I’m in love with this approach.  Today over coffee my daughter and I sketched a few other ideas.  We had a “pigeon or penguin” discussion that had us laughing ourselves silly.  I’m thinking my amazing sketch of a pigeon (penguin) will be next.


But what will really be next is that mountain of laundry that is waiting for me. Sadly the laundry fairies don’t come to my house when I’m stitching. 

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  1. Barb April 11, 2011

    gadzooks…another beautiful creation!! Am wondering if there’s a cat pattern? I am the most useless stitcher in the world…but would love to do a cat for my lovely neighbour. Kitty is black with white near her nose. Where should I look? …and can’t wait for the pigguin!!

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