busy busy busy

002I’ve not updated my blog in ages! I’ve been so busy with expected and unexpected projects along with my usual array of volunteer activities at the kids’ schools that I’ve not been able to breath, let alone blog.


The biggest on my list is getting ready for the Kirkland Artist Studio Tours. I’ve mentioned it before but this really is going to be a lot of fun but it has also been a lot of work getting ready. I’ve taking both plush and prints so I wanted to make sure that I had enough of both to make a good showing.  The prints weren’t a problem but I had to get them matted and/or framed or in sleeves and make tags and price them all.  I have about 30 prints ready to go.  The plush were kind of scattered everywhere so I’ve had to gather them together and see what I had.  I’ve lots of larger pieces that need to be mounted on wall plaques. Pins needed to be sorted and tagged. 



003004Smaller pieces needed something – deciding what was the hard part. I like how these little owls turned out, just a little something for on a shelf. 


On Thursday I am taking a number of pieces to show to an art class at Rozii’s school. They are doing soft sculpture and the teacher (who is amazing) asked me to come in and talk about my process and answer questions then spend a couple of periods at school.  Once that is done I can wrap up the last of the pieces and I’ll be ready to go.


An unexpected opportunity also arose.  My friend Leslie and I decided to apply for a gallery spot at the local community college. This meant putting together a proposal with artist statements, photographs and a description of our “show”.  Not a big deal really except that we left it to the very last minute.  I ended up sending it in priority post or whatever (it had to be mailed).


So yeah, I’ve been busy. A little too busy for my liking.  I’m going to have to make some decisions about how much time I volunteer at various things and prioritize.  I’m noodling that around.

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  1. amy May 4, 2011

    sigh, those owls are the sweetest things. i lurve my little snowy owl so much! i am right there with you on the re-balancing of my time investment these days. i’m committing myself to at least two market days a month, more if we’re not booked for something else. i am looking forward to it, but i feel exceptionally underprepared for it at the moment!

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