another deadline

221848_10150172693349827_664184826_6652208_2328492_n[1]An unexpected opportunity dropped on my lap and I am going to be going flat out to make it happen – a Friday morning deadline!


This week is already very full, very busy but it’s all goodness. It’s the time of year when you think things should be winding down for the summer but it seems more like things are ramping up!  The PTA is in transition mode so meetings and filing and organizing are needed from the secretary (me).  The school walkathon is coming up so I’ll try to help with that.  Standardized testing is underway which means the middle school schedule is entirely out of synch and I’ve offered to help the art teacher a bit with her 2-hour blocks of classroom time.  I’ve got a volunteer shift at the Kirkland Arts Center Store, a doctor’s appointment and of course, the kids have a half day on Wednesday. 


And for anyone who was wondering, the Artist Studio Tour was fabulous. I sold a few pieces (including the mermaid on the pink background in this photo) and had many compliments on my work.  Best of all was spending time with the 3 other artists that shared the studio – so wonderful!  thanks Stacy!

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