Over the past couple of weeks my daughter’s middle school has been doing the standardized testing required by the state.  Let’s just say it has been ridiculous – everyday the schedule is a total schmozzle as they try to test 800 kids with too few computers.  The upside is that my daughter has had extra art classes and I’ve been helping out.


014I’ve been helping the kids learn the basics of relief printmaking, they’ve been carving up a storm and on Tuesday they finally got to do their artist’s proofs.  Very exciting.  Yesterday and today they did watercolor backgrounds, tomorrow they will carve their own chops and on Monday they will print on watercolors, on printmaking paper and on cards.  We’ll drag out different colors of ink, do a few rainbow rolls, lots of fun stuff.  Then on Tuesday, wait for it… we’ll be using our blocks to print on clay tiles.  Because, it’s really a pottery class.


Needless to say I’ve had lots of fun and did a little carving of my own.  The kids had to choose an animal that meant something to them, or already had a “meaning”.  I chose honey badger.  And if you haven’t seen the viral video of a honey badger you must see it now (it’s a bit gruesome so you might want to preview it before showing it to the kiddos).  Yeah, honey badger – so not me.


I’ve got a few ideas now for other prints I’d like to do. I’m going to work on a smaller scale so I can use my press at home over the summer.  Or do hand pressing, which is fun too.  I have to say, with no deadlines on the horizon, I’m feeling very creative.

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