002001I’ve been doing embroidery as long as I can remember.  It is rare though that I sit down to do an embroidered piece from a transfer.  That being said I love the transfers and tools from Sublime Stitching. So when Jenny Hart decided to have a little contest I was in.  She wanted a new example for her “Mod Fashion” embroidery pattern to post on her website.  This is a fun pattern, fashions from the sixties plus a cute little cat!


I pulled out my book, Adventures in Stitches by Mariska Karasz.  This is such a unique book and I wanted to find some fun stitches to use. Especially to fill in the clothes with some nice textures.  So far so good.


I’m going to use some metallic threads to add a bit of glitter.  Still trying to figure out if I should add sequins, because as far as I’m concerned everything should have sequins!

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