I need a Deadline!

007I’ve been working on a few projects, thinking about a few other projects but really not getting much done. With no deadline to work to I have trouble focusing. Constant knee pain also doesn’t help, but that’s another story.  I do have an artist swap on the go so I thought I’d work on that. One of the printmakers from the Kirkland studio has offered one of her prints for one of my robots. I’ve got a few new things in mind to try so we’ll see what happens.


And sorry about the infrequency of posts lately.  The past few days I’ve been trying a new wi-fi card in my camera. It is designed to load your photos straight from your camera to either your computer or Facebook without having to take the card out of the camera.  It was working great in Derick’s Kodak but not so great in my Fuji, which is a shame. The idea is great though for someone like me who snaps a few photos everyday and wants to upload them immediately.  Oh well

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