I won!

mod fashion 010Remember the stitching I was working on? Well, I won the contest over at Sublime Stitching.  I know!?  Not only do I win a $100 gift certficate, but my sample will be used on the site to advertise the embroidery pattern.  I am so excited, especially since my daughter has recently taken up cross stitch so I thought I’d let her pick out a few supplies.  Plus I can stock up on sparkly thread and an amazing new tote bag that Jenny has just added to the shop.  In fact, while I’m stuck in bed with my knee (I had surgery on Friday) I’m stitching up this tote bag for my son’s teacher.


I’m thrilled because I love Jenny Hart and what she has done to reinvent embroidery!  It is such a lovely craft and she has updated it and made it trendy again.  She also follows it as art at her other blog, Embroidery as Art. This is totally worth spending some time scrolling through – you’ll be amazed at what people can do!


               mod fashion 007  mod fashion 005  mod fashion 008

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