more craft, less art

001I’ve been working away at a few little projects.  I seem to have very little brain lately so nothing big or earth shattering.  I finished the tote bag for Parker’s teacher. I’m pleased with how it turned out (sadly the picture doesn’t do it justice).  It took a lot longer to do than I’d thought it would, probably because I fussed over each and every color choice. I did a herringbone trim all around the outside, which doesn’t show in the photo and it added a nice finish.



Then I made 30 thank you cards for my son’s PTA.  I’ve been feeling so guilty about not being help out with the million year-end events and meetings that have been going on that I took this on because I could do it while resting my knee.  We had so many amazing sponsors and donors to the walk-a-thon that we wanted to be sure and thank them properly.


Finally, I headed to our local Paper-Source store on Saturday for a workshop on how to use the Zutter binding tool to make a travel journal. The workshop was really fun (imagine having access to all their supplies to make a journal?!?!?)  I ended up buying the tool and have already made 5 little notepads. Once you have all the papers cut and ready they go together in a snap. 


My son has me making “Sonic The Hedgehog” notepads for his buddies for an end of year gift.  I can see making a lot of fun little gifts with this.


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