The Tesla Project

Jenny over at Sublime Stitching posted a call for entries to an event in Austin called, The Tesla Project.  I’d read about Nikola Tesla of course, most recently in the historical book, “Thunderstruck” by Eric Larson (a great book if you haven’t read it).  Anyway, the call for art interested me. I’m not sure why but if may have had something to do with the pain killer induced dreams immediately following my knee surgery. Stitching of course, is still top of mind so I put together a mixed media extravaganza entitled, U.S. Patent 1,119,732.  The number refers to the diagram in the lower right of the piece.  All of the bits and pieces are stitched to the backing fabric. The frame was painted to match everything. This is an unusual piece for me, but I loved putting it together.


     005    006    007

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