don’t laugh

015My friend Sophie and her boys came over today and we tried our hand at macramé.  Yes, macramé.  It was fun and hilarious and we both made very funky plant hangars.  Oh come on, admit it, we all have a macramé plant hanger story in our pasts…  Sophie suggested that they should really be holding spider plants and I agree, but for now, mine is holding parsley.


010Sophie followed the directions from Vintage Craft Workshop by Cathy Callahan.  I believe all of my faithful readers probably already own this book but if not, stop reading and go buy it now.  I’ll wait…


Okay, as I was saying, Sophie actually followed the directions given for a Macramé Hanger (page 72).  Sophie used jute instead of cotton rope and made hers much shorter to accommodate half of a coconut shell.  A very Gilligan’s Island vibe was achieved – it’s awesome!



I improvised my knots using a simple square knots. I made it fancy by adding giant glass beads from my stash. My lengths and spacing are off but omg, I love it!  I would love to make a ton of these and hang them all over my back deck, make it look like I’m running some sort of hippie commune. 


There aren’t a lot of patterns on the intertubes for macramé so you probably want to hit the thrift store for some books.  Sunset has a few good books that I have stashed at the cottage for rainy day crafting. I think I need to bring those home.  I did run across the sweetest macramé owl in my search though.  I can’t stand how cute it is.  Go look here and see if you can resist the lure of the macramé…

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