a little side trip

mostly gig harbor 010We visited Gig Harbor this weekend on our way to drop off our little guy at his (our) first sleep away camp.  It is a sweet little town with no parking.  I guess this was more of a concern than usually it might be because I really can’t be walking blocks and blocks, especially where there are hills. But we had a nice time and got to toodle around quite a bit on the Key Peninsula. 


We went to Joemma Beach State Park at low tide and had a wonderful time. The beach ecologists were out and had lots of wildlife from the sound there for us to view and learn about.  I loved seeing the tiniest little opalescent nudibranch.  They also had sun stars, sea stars, anemones and spider crabs for us to see.  The volunteers just kept heading down and fishing things out – quite great.



mostly gig harbor 031The pier was quite high and the water low which made for some amazing underwater viewing of a huge variety of sea stars and anemones.  We saw a lot of little crabs and teeny hermit crabs.  Lots of people were out crabbing and boating and digging for various mollusks.  A nice day.


    mostly gig harbor 007      mostly gig harbor 019

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