speaking of starfish


I’ve been stitching hoop pieces to take to the gallery in Ocean Shores that carries my work. Of course, with a sea theme to them. Most of the work that I take to Fusions has an ocean-y theme to them.

I’m particularly fond of stitching starfish and the 3D effect that is created by stitching the beads along the ridges. So even though it is difficult to see, these are raised above the fabric.  This is a large piece, the hoop is 12” across.




I’ve two other pieces finished and in the wings. I’ll post photos when I’m done, I’ve five pieces planned out, a seagull, a whale and the final will either be a sun star or barnacles. hmmm, or both. I’f I’ve time, I’ll also do another mermaid.  We’ll see.

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