The creative process

003I finished the last piece today for my set of five sea life hoops.  I was thinking about doing barnacles but in the end settled on an anemone.  As you can see in the photograph, I spent hours researching my design, completing the sketch and drafting the pattern.  Once that was done I tried several different fabrics and threads until I finally chose the best possible combination.  Then I tested several styles until choosing one that best fit the dream I had of an anemone riding a unicorn…


005are you still reading this?


Don’t you love my sketch? it totally cracks me up.  I really only sketched it to get the curve of the hoop right on the fabric.  No pattern.  I just kept cutting out tentacles until I thought I had enough.  The fabric was at the top of the pile. 


Yeah, some projects have much less planning than others. 


I’m going to print out fabric tags to attach to the back of each of these. I was going to cover all the stitching but I want the hand stitching to show through a bit on the back.  Once done, I’ll take a picture of these all together. Hopefully the sun will peek through enough tomorrow for a good photograph.

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