a little seagull

004This whole series started with a little seagull. The seagull has been sitting on my mantle since last December (?) when I tried making miniature birds.  I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him but when I started making hoops, I immediately pictured him sitting on piling.


Next came the whale, who was originally made as a tree ornament.  Then the starfish as I love stitching this guys, adding all the beadwork. Then, the crab and finally the anemone.  I love how they look all together.  How they sneak off the page, so to speak.  A combination of plush and embroidery.


These are all making their way to Fusions Gallery in Ocean Shores, along with several of my unframed prints.  And a crow.  And a shark.  I guess I should warn Stuart that they’re on their way!

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