watch for intermittent posts

I have two series in mind and a large piece that is due for the jury by August 15 so my posting will be a little erratic until I have something more to show.  It isn’t that I don’t want to show you my progress, I really do. But I want to figure out if these pieces are ones that I want to work on before I get carried away with them.  It’s a bit hard to explain, but that’s just how I’m feeling at the moment.  I’ll be stitching like mad, and there may even be a little printmaking happening.


In the meantime, may I regale you with photos of my garden?  I love my garden.  The front yard is a mix of planned and wild flowers, herbs, fruit bushes and this year, peas.  I went out this afternoon and stuffed myself with raspberries, warmed by the sun.  For dinner I picked strawberries and peas.  The bees are buzzing everywhere.


013   008   015   018


It’s a little crazy but in the Pacific Northwest, with so many lovely evergreen bushes and trees, it is nice to have a splash of color.  I guess I have more of a riot than a splash. And the kids and I love to graze in the front yard.  In a week or so I’ll have blueberries and even a handful of Saskatoon berries (they are called Service berries here but as I grew up in Saskatoon I’ll always call them that).  The back yard is a big hill and a big play area.  I just leave it like that for the kids.


002Also, I went to Ocean Shores this past weekend and got to enjoy the shore, finally!  The winter storms tossed the rocks, trees and sand around so all the beaches looked different.  I didn’t find too many treasures but I did get a matched set of clams to make mermaid boobies so another mermaid will be added to my list of things to do. 


I went with four teenage girls to celebrate my daughter’s 14th birthday. It was loud. There was drama. It was great.  We had a super time.  The weather held for two trips to the beach, a wiener roast and a two hour boat trip on the canals (teens only).  My very good friend (she’d have to be) came along to help so I did get to ice my knee when needed.  I have to say, my knee is definitely on the mend.

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