awesomeness is happening

Last month I went a saw a showing of the art of my friend Mary Mac at Park Lane Gallery.  I absolutely adore her work, everything about it.  She is a printmaker whom I met through the Kirkland Arts Center.  She does monoprints and is currently working with stencils and spray paint and the results are awesome.  Here is a link to her web site.  Decide for yourself but I think you’ll be amazed.


So Mary Mac and I are chatting and she asks if I would like to show my soft sculpture at Park Lane in October and November. The gallery (a co-op) currently has no 3D artists so they are having guest artists come in for two months at a time.  I could show 16 pieces, they would send out postcards, advertise, have wine and cheese for two art walks etc. etc. ETC!  Are you kidding me?  Of course I said yes, and the next day sent a small proposal off and Mary Mac took it to the committee and eeks, they said yes.  They said YES!


019So now I have less than two months to put together a show.  With the help of my daughter I have the “theme” and all the pieces decided upon.

Sort of. 

I’m speechless.


Oh, and I need three pieces for Plush You!  at the same time.


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