031That is apocalyptic in Italian and the name of my Starbucks cup.  I finished two of these puppies, one to donate to Redux and one for my gallery show in October.


Derick and I went to our local Starbucks (okay, we live near Seattle which means we have about 300 Starbucks locations in our neighborhood but we went to the one with the outdoor fireplace that usually isn’t too busy in the evening.)  We couldn’t shoot pictures inside (store policy, which is totally fine) but we got a lot of fun pictures on their patio. 


The cup is made of wool felt with some wire armature and plastic in the base.  The cake pop is felt, beads and a wooden stick.


I’m so please with this whole project and we got lots of thumbs up from customers and staff at the Starbucks.


   028   011   013

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