stitching in the car

stitch in car2stitch in car1With such a crazy deadline looming I can’t spare a minute of quality stitching time.  But it’s summer and in the Pacific Northwest summer is fleeting and we really have to make the most of it.  So I am adapting some of my projects so that I can stitch in the car.  Or maybe I’m adapting the car so I can stitch on my projects. 


Whatever I’m doing it’s working out famously and this weekend I got about five hours of stitching done as we went back and forth to the shore.  Sweet.


I try to do the pieces with a lot of hand stitching that doesn’t involve beads or piecing.  My favorite piece to work on is the felt sketchbook, which is also turning out to be my favorite piece so far.  This will be at Park Lane, the price might be quite high depending on how much I want to part with it.

Comment 1

  1. Cathy Savage August 9, 2011

    Love it! I can’t read in a car, but knitting I can do. I have not tried stitching, but next road trip, heck ya! I just regret not trying it on my recent jaunt back from NC (hubby was with me on the return drive).

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