stinky cheese

024Last Saturday night my husband and daughter decided to have a cheese tasting.  They bought 7 kinds of cheese, some crackers and some ginger ale to “cleanse their palettes” between tastes.  It was interesting and fun and we had lots of chatter around the table.  Rozii chose aged Gouda as her favorite, I chose Beecher’s “No Woman” as my favorite.  Parker liked the fresh mozzarella (which was so bland after all the others).  I think Derick chose the Havarti with herbs.


I was telling Rozii about a French colleague of mine from my days living in Amsterdam.  I asked him about all the horrible moldy cheeses you could buy in the cheese shops. He insisted that a cheese was not ready until it could walk out of the shop of it’s own accord.  I’ve never forgotten that and it still makes me laugh.  Rozii agreed.


This plush is my interpretation of that story.  I need to get a better picture, but I’m sure you get the idea.  I may just need to make another one of these…

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