sneak peeks

004My fingers are so sore from stitching I’ve resorted to using a thimble and liquid bandage on them so that they aren’t quite so tender.  I’m not a thimble person but I’m getting used to wearing it.  The problem has been with the industrial weight felt.  It is exactly what I need for one piece in particular, but it is a #$% to stitch.  The other night I got into a groove and realized that I was stitching it with one hand on the bottom of the fabric and the other hand on the top.  How’s that for a talent?


I’m making headway but I still have quite a few pieces to finish before my shows and I’m starting to panic.  a lot.  But at the same time I’m excited and just wish my fingers could work as quickly as the ideas …  I keeping adding new ideas (stinky cheese), making simple ideas more complex (adding legs to things) and even simplifying (it only needs 18 barnacles, not 36).  I’m super happy with all the pieces that I’ve finished so far though.



I wasn’t going to show pictures of all of my pieces but honestly, I can’t wait. So here are a few sneak peeks of finished projects.


                       013    001    018

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