My husband has been on sabbatical since the beginning of August. It has been fantastic having him home so much of the time. We got lazy, we rarely looked at the clock, we went back and forth to the cottage and generally enjoyed each other’s company.


DSC00047But this morning is officially back to school.  Actually, P started last week at his new school.  We’ve opted for a private school for him, one with much smaller classrooms, a tiny campus set in amongst the tall trees on the side of a nearby hill.  There is an emphasis on creativity with drama and creative writing as regular classes.  Everyone is on a first-name basis, dress is very casual and there are few ground rules.  It’s more of a community with parents expected to take an active role.  It’s perfect for him.


R started high school.  ack.  I can’t believe it but she hopped out of the car in her jeans and t-shirt, no make up, super casual.  She headed to the door like she knew what she was doing, excited that bio-chemistry takes up the first two periods of the day, all year!!  That’s my girl.  Big classes, chaos.  It’s perfect for her.


And Derick… he hopped on a plane to Maui.  He’ll be there for a month for Part Two of his sabbatical. Or as he calls it, his creative sabbatical. I’m so excited for him.  I hope he relaxes and comes back ready for us, ready for work and ready for whatever comes next.  And if he gets anything more done, it’s all goodness.


me?  back to stitching, in a very quiet house.

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