Parker's stop motion 042It’s done.  This is the piece that I’ve had in my head since last year.


Last night it was almost set out in the yard for the raccoons but today I worked on it some more and now I love it.  It needed color so I added a small branch with a bright green leaf.  Then I decided to add two of my amanita muscaria.  The colors all popped and it was just how I imagined it.  I might still add some other fungus, the kind that grows on the side of fallen decaying logs…  We’ll see.  I can see this being another never ending piece.


I had lots of help from my friend Kelly who spent 9+ hours stitching black lines for me.  My friend Anna knit the tiny little slug, bumblebee, mushrooms and snails.  I don’t even want to add up the hours that have gone into this piece between the three of us.  I think it was worth it.


Yay.  This is my last piece for Plush You!  I’m done.  Now to finish the pieces for Parklane!


stumped 003   Parker's stop motion 045   Parker's stop motion 046

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