The golden Mean

The Golden MeanI posted a picture of this guy over on Facebook last week and had to laugh at some of the comments of my friends.  They explain this better than I ever could…


“Very cool. Worthy of a David Cronenburg movie!”


“What goes on in that mind of yours? :)”


“I KNOW!!! All I said was, "Dawn, I absolutely hated this fabric. It’s the worst kinda fabric to work with. Do you want it? If not, then just junk it." She looked at it and I SWEAR you could see the gears turning inside her head! Then she asked me to cut them into fat quarter strips, and it was ALL OVER her dining table and floor and chair, totally ruined her blade. And all I was thinking at that time was, HAA!, NOW she knows what I meant, but hey, what da heck, I’ve warned her the fabric is a bitch to work with. And then… THIS!!!!! I’m just totally in awe of how she can turn a much loathed object into this gorgeous work of art!!”



“the golden mean”    various fabrics, wool felt, plastic eyes     $225

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