rusty robot

Parklane Gallery Show October 030My daughter found all these rusty washers while we were waiting outside Dave’s Small Engine Repair in Aberdeen, WA (birthplace of Kurt Cobain).  She thought they’d be great for a rusty robot.  Next chance she had she sketched one for me to make.  It had wheels.  Really?  It took me awhile to figure him out but we were both pretty pleased with the end result. 


Parklane Gallery Show October 032

I especially love his missing arm with the wires hanging out.  The wheels work, the light bulb does not.  Another robot, another time…


When the photographer for Parklane Gallery was taking this guy’s photo (not this one, this is my photo, as you can probably tell…) he was explaining how the body should be sideways to the camera, the face looking at the camera and so on – he does a lot of weddings.  So we were trying to pose Rusty like that.  His professional shot is awesome.


“rusty robot”    felt, found objects, wire, beads     $90

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