a “break” in our regular routine

parker's armstwo broken arms.

both bones, in both arms.



let’s just say that working on art is going to be taking a back seat for awhile as I enjoy my new role as “Bitterman”, my son’s personal valet, attending to his every need. 


he said he’d always wanted a butler named Bitterman and now he has one.


“break”, get it?  yeah, that is about all the humor I can muster at the moment.





UPDATE:  Parker got his casts on today and they redid the x-rays. His doctor said he has “only” broken one bone in his right arm (and both bones in his left – and his left ulna and radius are unusually curved but she’s just leaving them for now.  And, bless her heart, she copied photos of his x-rays for me in case I wanted to use them for Halloween cards.  Are you kidding me?  That’s a great idea! 

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