mosquitos are people too

Parklane Gallery Show October 055Okay, my family in Saskatchewan may beg to differ as summer time is mosquito time and the each year a battle is waged and sadly, the mosquitos are often the victors.  So, let’s call this a crane fly, the bane of my daughter’s existence.


The very best part of this piece, is the felt that I used. This was hand dyed by my friend Anna who is a tie-dyer extraordinaire.  She does the most beautiful work I’ve ever seen.  She can even navigate a group of kindergarten kids through the process with amazing results (no army brown mish mash in that class).  It is almost impossible to see the felt in this photo, but believe me, it feels wonderful and the shades of purple and pink in it are gorgeous.


I need to make more of these.  He looks especially nice on a wall as he’s over two feet long and across.


“mosquitos are people too”   felt, beads, fibers, sequins, copper wire     $90

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