Parklane Gallery Show October 053I love this piece. It is a bit different in style and materials than my others but the humor is the same.


The cage is about 18 inches tall, the little jailbird sits on a perch with a ball and chain attached to his ankle. The cage is a wire frame covered in torn strips of fabric. The colors all worked for me, the bright cheeriness of the cage, the contrast of the black and white.


The professional shots taken of this piece show it off much better than my own. A good reason to invest in shots taken by someone with experience in taking photographs of 3D art.  I’m reading “I’d Rather Be in the Studio” by Alyson Stanfield and she emphasizes this. Thanks so much to my friend Cathy for telling me about this book!  (Have a look at her blog if you are in need of inspiration, she is amazingly talented!)



“jailbird”     wire, fabric, chain, felt     $125

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