Wild Owls

Parklane Gallery Show October 026002As with many of my pieces, this all started with a print that I did several months ago. I wanted to try making birch bark.  I love stitching the lines and knots in wood so this was a challenge, to capture the starkness of the black and white.


Of course, the branches had to have something sitting in them, so I enlarged my owl pattern.  I wasn’t going to have owls in my show.  I’d made so many and I plan to have the small ones available for sale at the opening.  So I thought this would go in Plush You! but then I wanted my stinky cheese to be in… blah blah blah – you get the idea.  Owls.  There are owls in my show.  The fabrics are wool felt and a wool skirt from the thrift store.  I love this piece, it looks great hanging on the wall. 



“wild owls”     felt, fiber, sequins, beads     $150

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  1. Barb October 9, 2011

    love, love, love the owls and the tree. I have fantasies about digging out the back of my garden and adding birch trees – but I want instant gratification….trees 20 feet high immediately! Gorgeous work Dawn!!

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