Projects in the queue

kiwiI had to show one more picture of my kiwi because I love how it is posed with just one of the snaps done up.  And according to definition, this is a loose version of a diptych – two pieces held together by a hinge. Thanks to my uncle for the great photo!


I was at the Kirkland Arts Center fundraising auction last night and the auctioneer (who was amazing) mention two pieces and said it was a diptych, or a “twofer”.  This totally made our table group laugh. So funny.  I did not win the studio challenge but sat at the table with the winner, Deborah Scott. Her piece was gorgeous and very deserving of the win.  You can find more of her work here.  We also sat with Julia Hensley, another nominee, who tweeted through the entire auction and also made us laugh, especially when the waiters were trying to steal her dinner plate.  It was a lot of fun and the Arts Center raised a lot of money, in fact, it was their most successful auction ever.


Today is a sketchbook day.  I need to decide on a few pieces to replace the ones sold this weekend, and sketch out a “pattern” for an owl pillow (a custom order).  I have a lot of ideas in mind including, but not limited to:

  • stinky cheese pins (my wonderful friends’ idea, not sure who came up with this one but I love it)
  • velvet ants. My daughter wants one and I think it would be a great piece for the show, somehow
  • another rusty robot
  • another snail, smaller in size, denim body, plaid shell, piercing blue eyes
  • pieces for the Parklane 12 by 12 show in November, perhaps two pieces… a twofer
  • a plush vertebra

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