and things grind to a halt

kneeTaking a break today. My knee is letting me know loud and clear that I’ve been working too hard, attending too many events, chasing too many kids and running too many errands.  It has requested a couple of days off and although not one to be bullied, I’m letting it have it’s way. 


As I may have mentioned before, knees require a certain amount of cartilage.  My knee doesn’t have any. Silly knee.  And when it gets all agitated it makes it really really painful to walk. To stand up.  To lay down.  Not to ride my stationery bike though! So that’s good.  Tomorrow I’ll go see my physical therapist.  He’ll not scold me.  He’ll massage my knee and tell me how important it is to ride my bike and ice my knee. And I’ll be all better.


I’ll be back in a few days with more project updates!

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