this is what I was looking for

001I don’t want to just do fish but at the moment I’m having too much fun with them. I’m totally inspired by Charley Harper’s fish at the moment.  Especially his cow fish.


Of course, I have taken liberties with the colors. And the shape.  He will be much more 3D when he’s done, more boxy.  And I’ve once again remembered how difficult it is to stitch black on black.  Ack, damn you Pacific Northwest and your cloudy days.  I’ve got to drag out my proper light to finish this piece.  Then the second part, which I am “researching”.  Oh, it’s all coming together. I hope to finish it by early next week.


In the meantime I’ve a tutu to make for a friend, adult size in black and hot pink.  I’m her official “costume designer” which totally cracks me up.  The more glitter and sequins the better so she is fun to make things for. I’ll try to remember to post a photo.

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