12 by 12

001One of the more interesting shows coming up at Parklane Gallery is the Around the Block show.  Artists from all over the Seattle area submit works that are exactly 12 by 12 in size.  Exactly.  This allows the curator to literally fill the walls of the Gallery with amazing art. And it looks so great, pieces of all descriptions, photography, collage, oil, watercolor and this year… plush.  hehehe


Yes, I’m going to submit 3 pieces to the show this year, if I can get them done and framed on time.  A pretty big “if” by the way.  But I have a plan and with the help of my daughter I’ve got the pieces sketched out. 


These photos are a hint of what’s to come.


If you’d like more information about the show, you have plenty of time to submit a piece.  The information can be found here, just scroll down to 2011 Around The Block Prospectus & Entry Forms to download the prospectus.

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