Fish ‘n’ chip

009Do I have to do everything around here?  Apparently.  It has been an odd week or two for me, with little time to focus on any one thing and many things going on so I’m more scattered than I usually am.  Oh, and my son almost broke his leg, in might be broken, he’s in a splint.  Yeah, two casts and a splint and crutches.


Anyway, I was determined to finish this guy by last Monday. I finished him today. So close.


A cowfish-ish.  I love cowfish.  The Seattle Aquarium has a tank with boxfish and cowfish and when they look right at you they have the biggest grins, they are adorable.  I wanted my fish to be this shape, and the colors to be black and white. I added a dash of blue (the eyes, some spots and wire in the fins).  I could easily see doing dozens of just this pattern in lots of different colors.


This picture is terrible but I knew if I waited for a good picture this post would never happen. 


And at the bottom, a microchip.  Get it?  Fish ‘n’ Chip.  hahaha, I crack myself up.  This goes to the gallery tomorrow.

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