Mr. Stinky

148147Here he is, in all his stinky glory.  The colors are quite, well, bright.  But my philosophy regarding the use of both color and sequins is go big or go home.


I wasn’t sure how to pose him because his belly is so pretty with the stitching, sequins, beads and raw silk, and I still wanted to show off his wings and distinctive triangular “shield” on his back.  Plus, those eyes!  He ended up having this natural sitting pose with his long, gangly legs all over the place.  I also love how his antenna ended up looking more like a mustache.


Anyway, he is in the window at Parklane Gallery as we speak, happily saying hello to the hoards of people dropping off art for the “around the block” art show.  Yes, it was a madhouse today, and by the looks of some of the works, it should be a fantastic show.

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