something New

With all the rush to get things ready for the Pratt Holiday Sale (which was fantastic!) and to have pieces ready for “Around the Block” and keep my gallery show stocked… I’ve not really had time to try anything new.  This past weekend I noodled around and finally did a couple of tiny pieces. 



002These started out as pins but when they were finished I realized they were just too cool. I popped this one in a shadowbox frame and love the way they look.  The piece is about 4” high, cotton canvas, metallic stitching and black velvet backing.  The shadow box is 8” by 8”.


I’m sorry for the craptastic photo.  It is the rainy season here in the Pacific Northwest and even at midday the light is still horrible. I took this in the evening with my son holding up a black piece of fabric to cut the glare.  Despite this extremely professional set-up it still really doesn’t show this off.


Anyway, I’ve got three more of these and they will all be making their way over to the KAC Store.

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