Abstract or Representational?

That is the question.  I’ve always leaned towards representational.  I admire those who do it well. My printmaking instructor, Kamla Kakeria’s work is a favorite of mine. She puts together line, color, shape and texture so well.  Abstract is so difficult for me and it always seems forced.  It isn’t that I can’t “just let go”, I can, but it seems that doing abstract well takes a solid ground of art history and training.


009My point is, and I do have one, it is now the last minute. Well, technically I have until midnight next Friday to submit a piece for an abstract show. I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks and have gone back and forth on whether or not to enter. Since most of my attempts at working in abstract have been in print, I though that perhaps 3D might be the way to go. In thinking about it I’ve had grand schemes of large, industrial pieces, tiny pieces enclosed in glass and then finally settled on a design. I also decided that I want to create my own fabric to make it, because, you know, I have so much time to do it.  Late last night I finally gathered my materials, finalized my detailed sketches and constructed the pattern.





Okay, I gathered stuff and even ironed the fabrics and drew a tiny little drawing of what was in my head to show my daughter.  And cut out a shape from brown paper.  Tomorrow I’ll start once everyone clears out the house and gives me some “space”.


I’ll also be working on three more pieces for the “Around the Block” show at Parklane Gallery because all three of mine have now sold. Today the gallery called to let me know that the last two, along with “Rusty Robot” all sold to the same out of town buyer.  I almost fainted. I am so grateful every single time someone acknowledges by work by purchasing it.  I mean, I think my work is fantastic and I love every piece I do. But to have someone else have the same reaction is so rewarding.  Thanks. 

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