sneak peeks

011I’m tackling both my new abstract piece and my two new 12 by 12 pieces for the gallery this week.  My goals are to get to the gallery by Thursday to drop things off and to finish my abstract piece by midnight Friday.  I’m feeling good about all of this happening.


I started this guy last night. He’s coming together quite nicely. I’ve painted the frame. Must get the mat cut tomorrow and figure out some skier-action for it.  I’d like to mostly finish him tonight so that I can start on the other piece tomorrow night. 


Sadly tomorrow during the day is shot due to taking the boy to and from from orthopedic surgeon (5 weeks since he last broke a bone!) and picking up said mats and skiers and what not and so on.  But it’s okay, the lost day is all planned for.


fabricToday I finished sewing and painting the fabric for my abstract piece.  Yes, I spent over three hours cutting, stitching and painting a piece of fabric that will now be slashed, shaken and cut up into pieces for further stitching. This is the only part that will be machine stitched.  I love the ragged ends of the dupioni silk.  It is layered on top of silk organza and black linen. It’s quite fantastic.


I keep noodling the design in my small brain, and depending on time, it may actually grow bigger than originally planned. Must keep thinking about the structural aspects of that happening. While the fabric paint dries.

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