‘tis the Season

squidTo be stitching squids…


I’ve not posted for awhile. I’ve been working on some small pieces for Christmas gifts, making ornaments for the shop and for friends. I’ve been getting ready for the holidays around here and trying (sort of) to keep things under control. 


I had a lot of success with my 12 by 12 pieces, selling four of them at the gallery during the “Around the Block” show.  I gave one to a friend and stitched another for my brother (why no, I didn’t take pictures).  I sold my “Rusty Robot” at the gallery and yesterday I got an email telling me that three more pieces sold.  Three! Including “The Golden Mean”, “Angler Fish” and “Fish ‘n’ Chip”.  They’ve asked me to bring in three more pieces.


workspaceum. sure.


So I’m back in workshop mode.  Here is a photo of the tiny space that is left on my dining room table for working…


I have my abstract piece that I can take in (sadly, I didn’t make it into the abstract show, but I still LOVE this piece).  I also have my mounted moose piece that I’ve had as a “backup”.  But that leaves me one short.  I love stitching squids and tentacles so this is a fun piece to be working on. 


My poor family, if it’s not one thing, it’s another. 

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