Happy Squid Year

squid tooMy last post of this year.  And what an amazingly great year it has been.  Oh sure, I blew out my knee.  My son broke three arms and a foot.  My daughter went through a tremendous amount of teen angst.  And my husband, well, he played 400+ hours of Skyrim and wrote a book, all while holding down a full-time job and putting up with all the rest of us.


A great year.  For me, this was the year that I kind of settled into my groove, art-wise. I’m doing what I love.  Other people seem to like it enough to buy a few of my pieces.  I’ve got my name out there a wee bit thanks to some very good friends who support me in my endeavors.  I made it into two magazines, had my first solo show in a gallery and was in two group shows.  It’s amazing.


Here’s another little (okay, they are pretty big actually) squid.  My goal is to make three and hang them in the window at my next show.  In October.  Yes, I’ll be back at Parklane (!) and the title of my show… “Natural History”.


Happy New Year!

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