works in progress

I’ve got two pieces that I’m working on right now.  One is another little sampler.  This time a favorite quote from Dorothy Parker – I’ll let you try and figure out which one!  I should have it in a frame by the weekend so will post it then.


002The second is an idea I’ve had for awhile.  It’s from the realm of “natural history”.  I’m not sure when the idea came together exactly, but I started working on it over the weekend.  Cutting fabric and stitching.  This is a 3D piece and if it turns out, it will be my donation to this year’s Pratt Auction.  If it doesn’t turn out, well, I’m screwed. I’ve no idea what I’ll donate.  I’ve already missed the Drop-Off Party and the drop deadline is Friday.  But I have a wee “in” with my printmaking instructor so I might have a day or two leeway.  I’m going to need it.


Anyway, this is a sneak peak.  It’s almost impossible to tell what this is going to be.  If you guess a pile of rags being stitched together, you aren’t far off.  That is exactly what it looks like, and for the most part, that is exactly what it is.


more to come!

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