another sampler

001As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, I like to have some handwork that I take with me.  This is one of them, I finished it up last night.  I’ll get it framed next week.  This is one of my favorite Dorothy Parker quotes.  It was my husband’s idea to add the picture of fruitcake.


I love it when my family chimes in and helps. They are all so creative and have the best ideas.  My husband is a tech guy but he seems to balance the left brain, right brain thing very well.  He wrote a book, which you can read here, and he’s into movie producing (he even has an IMDB page which you can find here).  Why yes, I am bragging.  He’s pretty awesome.



Next week I’ll be working on three tiny little pieces, the hind end of a cockatrice, and possibly some beadwork.  I’ll be packing up everything I need in my new travel cases and hitting the road.





Also, when I get back there will be some changes to my pages. I’m going to have a separate page of items that are for available and for sale.

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