the hind end of a cockatrice

chickatriceYes. A fearsome mythological creature.  I’ve decided that my “natural history” show won’t be complete without at least three mythological creatures.  There are a lot to choose from but when it comes down to it there seems to be an overabundance of those that have the tail of a snake and/or dragon or other reptile, the body of a bird and wings.  The bird varies.  I have chosen from amongst these to do a variation on the cockatrice001


As my dedicated followers (Hi Dad!) know, I love sequins.  So the tail of my cockatrice will incorporate a few hundred sequins.  What you see here is one half of the tail.  The breast portion of the creature will also have sequins. And beads.  Lots of beads. 


Some of you may remember my love of sequins and beads from creations such as my día de la sirena muerta.  She has gone to live in Austin, TX.  From all accounts she is much happier in a less rainy climate.

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