small embroideries


12thNightLLowRes1My son’s class, which is made up of 10 fifth and sixth graders, put on a production of Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night” a couple of weeks ago.  They take drama very seriously at his school and they spent over a month rehearsing this for a couple of hours every day. 


The production was set 400 years in the future so rather than a ship crashing on an island, a spacecraft crashed on the planet Illyeria.  The sets, lighting, sound and costumes were amazing.


Of course none of this could have happened without some very dedicated teachers and volunteers.  I decided to stitch them each a little remembrance. I included the spacecraft from their poster (taking off rather than crashing). 


And yes, my son has caught the acting bug.  He played Sir Andrew and he did an amazing job.

3 thoughts on “small embroideries

  1. Thanks Cathy!! I try.

    Judy, yes. I bought the frames at a local craft shop, they are just two pieces of glass. It works great for simple embroidery where the stitches are mostly flat (no French knots or bouillon stitch). I like showing the raw edge of the fabric so I fray it a bit before popping it in the frame. Oh, and I made labels that I put on the back of the piece. And yes, you can see the messy back of the piece if you turn it over – it’s handmade after all.

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