I’m so excited about this project

prints 001Quite a few weeks ago I got an email from the Kirkland Arts Center about their spring fundraising event, Locavore.  Last year they had a wonderful event, featuring local wines, foods and art. I donated a market bag for their silent auction.  The bag included a print on canvas of veggies and a salad bowl.


This year they’ve decided to once again feature local wines and foods from local restaurants but they’re expanding the venue and the event to include fashions from local boutiques in a fashion show.  The grand finale of the fashion show will be garments created through collaborations by KAC artists and local fashion designers.


TinaSo, I was contacted by KAC and I thought about it but didn’t really think my work was appropriate.  Thankfully, Talia and Carlynne, the coordinators, urged me to attend the first meeting.  What I didn’t realize is that they had only asked six artists – and I was one of them (squee!!)  I am so flattered.  This is sort of like the Project Runway team challenge combined with the hardware store challenge – 70% of our garment has to be made from a canvas drop cloth from the hardware store.  With hopefully less drama.  Oh, and a bit more time.


Each artist is paired with a designer. I’ve been paired with Tina from Glamspoon.  I love her style, her approach, her enthusiasm and her energy!  We got together last night to plan our garment.  Tina even humored me by not laughing at my fashion sketch.  We laughed though as we had both brought similar ideas to the table for hand stitching, colors, embellishments and accessories (there will be beads). We now have a plan!


Those of you who know me in person might know that “fashion” is not a word that people associate with me (along with petite, shy and un-opinionated).  Tina already has thoughts on hair and make-up, two things that honestly hadn’t occurred to me. I’m enjoying Tina’s blog, learning about trends, haute couture, and fashion as art. Be sure to have a look at it here.


and wish us luck!  and yes, we all get to say, “Make it work.”

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  1. Alizabeth Rasmussen March 21, 2012

    How fun! I can’t wait to see what you come up with, and I LOVE Tina’s site. I’m going to have to look further into her “styling” services…I have been wanting to do that forever, just didn’t know where/how to find someone!

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