Project Update

006I feel like I haven’t posted anything new here in ages, yet at the same time I’ve been working like crazy on the outfit.  It is a slow process and of course, we are saving the “big reveal” until the day of the fashion show.


003On Wednesday Tina came over and we mixed up a batch of dye (Tina calls herself a bit of a mad scientist when it comes to her methodology for dying fabrics).  Because of the amount of fabric involved we had to mix a rather large batch!  This cracks me up.  I’ve been going out to stir the brew every few hours.  Today I added four yards of silk.  I’m trying to get an ombre effect, we’ll see what happens.


On Sunday all of the artists and designers are meeting at KAC for a lesson in printmaking from the amazing Mary Mac.  Then Tina and I will be doing some printing on the silk.  I’m getting the linoleum block carved, you can see that we are repeating the pattern of appliques.


Yes. It’s all coming together.  And if I keep saying that it will be true!

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